What actually people visit the most are websites. Later, they can be followers, customers and subscribers. Thus, web creation is very important. Why create a website if it is not visited?  To produce a useful website, must have these things.

Analysis. What does the website aim? Think of a definite purpose that is achievable and targeted audience. Does your website give the audiences what they are looking for? Analysis also includes information gathering. Planning. What are the structures and technologies to use. A good structure leads to a good design. Design. In order to captivate visitors, the website must be visually appealing. Functionally, it must lead them find more what is in the website. It must enticed them to ontinually visit the website. Content. This is one f the most important part in web creation. Should choose the right text, photos and videos. Richness of the content makes the website more credible. Development. Through web development, it will make the website more accessible even on other devices. Testing. Does it fulfill its purpose? Deployment. Needs monitoring and maintenance.



Web directories are not the same as search engines. This is a series of websites (in categories) and maintained by humans, that is why the collection is much smaller than that of a search engines results since it is maintained by a software. Thus, what is in the list of the web directory is all everything. Nothing more and nothing less, unless a directory editor added some lists or updated it.

Examples of web directories can be music directory, movie directory, news directory, dating and couples directory, history directory and other entertainment and information directories.