Making it more easier to make website today than yesterday.

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Building website is not hard just like the old days. While you design website using HTML and basic coding in the early times, today there are powerful programs that can be use to develop a sophisticated and beautiful website just like WordPress, Joomla or Wix. By these, whatever you want to design for your own personal purpose will function according to your own preference.

Building website nowadays, must start by checking the availability of your domain.

Domain will stand as your URL.

URL is Uniform Resource Locator.

After, that you have to register your domain name and get hosting. Hosting will serve as the server, there are many hosting sites that are available out there in the internet. It is recommended though to choose local hosting of your country so that it can provide better access. Next you have to install the CMS of your own choosing. CMS stands for Content Management System, it is used for managing the contents of your resources.

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Now, the final stages are changing your website design. If you choose WordPress as CMS. There is a default themes and design. You can delete that and make your own design of your choosing. Usually for a website, designing takes around 2 to 3 hours and resourcing your contents would be 3 hours. In all hope you might be able to finish your website in half a day.
Good thing about Website designing nowadays is that you can go over and over it every time and update it very easily.